Children Have a Right to Follow Their Curiosity

School Violates a Child’s Right of Curiosity

If you lived in the 1800s, sending your kids to school would be a new thing…

Many things that were invented in the 1800s continue to be extremely useful: battery, electric light, bicycle, safety pin, revolver, machine gun, dynamite, and the zipper, among many things. Others are outmoded and have been replaced: phonograph, typewriter, facsimile machine.

Schooling Purposely Destroy Inner Guidance and Ambition

Schools purposely teach children to sit passively, quietly and consume their education in preparation for a life as a good worker and consumer.

School Goes Against Nature

My mentor, Brent Cameron, founder of SelfDesign, frequently used to paraphrase Gregory Bateson from his essay “A Sacred Unity” (1991): We are free to choose and we can choose to work with nature or we can choose to work against it. When we choose to work against, we always get into trouble.

Schools Purposely Violate what John Holt calls a child’s Right to Curiosity

Youth are never given the opportunity to discover their personal purpose or gifts. They are forced to pursue of course of study that has been determined without their input.

Schooling damages peoples and limits their potential

School creates within people a deep sense of insecurity and fear. Endless comparisons, competition, grades and testing are inhumane and teach people that their self-worth can be shown on a bell curve. The school system has nothing to do with real, lasting learning.

Money will not Fix Schools

No amount of money will fix it because it is based upon false assumptions of human nature and how children learn. The current system, while employing many amazing well-intended educators, is deeply flawed. It is an obsolete design of a bygone era.

The Form of School is Dysfunctional:

  • With the Internet, Google, and Wikipedia, rote memorization and regurgitation is not necessary.
  • Less than 5% of youth learn in the auditory-sequential lecture and textbook mode of schools
  • The school system pathologizes all learning differences and students are labeled, drugged, and remediated.
  • Children need to move their bodies in order to learn and embody the new learning.
  • A mixed-age environment benefits everyone — younger and older.
  • Natural groupings around interests, developmental readiness, and learning styles makes more sense.

We created the classroom with the assumption that children are not naturally designed to learn.

Many people assume that, if given a choice of how to invest their time and energy, children would be naturally uninterested in the world around them, slothful and frivolous.

Yet, we never ask children and youth what they are interested in learning, what they enjoy doing, or what their calling or passion is.

Learning happens best when a person chooses an area of learning and is guided by interest and inner motivation.

We based assessments of learning on the assumption that learning is content.

Learning is not content. Learning is a neurological process. Each person has a unique way of learning — a unique process that fits with the individual neurobiology.

We falsely assumed that giving grades to children would be an authentic assessment of learning and the best way to motivate performance.

Authentic and useful assessments of learning require the elements of careful observation of the learning process and self-evaluation.

There is no correlation between success in school and success in life.

Let’s revolutionize the learning paradigm.

Freedom in a world addicted to fear and compliance. Author, Coach, Freedom Lover.

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