Children Have a Right to Follow Their Curiosity

School Violates a Child’s Right of Curiosity

If you lived in the 1800s, sending your kids to school would be a new thing…

Schooling Purposely Destroy Inner Guidance and Ambition

School Goes Against Nature

Schools Purposely Violate what John Holt calls a child’s Right to Curiosity

Schooling damages peoples and limits their potential

Money will not Fix Schools

The Form of School is Dysfunctional:

We created the classroom with the assumption that children are not naturally designed to learn.

Yet, we never ask children and youth what they are interested in learning, what they enjoy doing, or what their calling or passion is.

We based assessments of learning on the assumption that learning is content.

We falsely assumed that giving grades to children would be an authentic assessment of learning and the best way to motivate performance.

There is no correlation between success in school and success in life.

Freedom in a world addicted to fear and compliance. Author, Coach, Freedom Lover.

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