Fear and Worry are NOT your friends

Image by Foto-Rabe from Pixabay

You may think that you are protecting yourself by feeling fear and worrying about the future. You’re just losing precious moments of your life.

Fear is a gift. It puts you into fight-flight so you can outrun a bear. Other than that, it’s a lie. One of the biggest human fears is of snakes. Most are harmless, some can kill you. Sometimes it’s hard to know if the thing in front of us is a garden snake, a hose, or a poisonous cottonmouth. Especially when it’s dark.

We tend to fear the unknown. We also fear feeling uncomfortable. Most of us will avoid a situation or experience that we believe makes us uncomfortable.

Here’s the hidden truth: experiences don’t create our feelings. We do. Through our thinking. I have fearful thinking, then I feel fear.

Fear Sells Ads

I read something scary, believe it, and then scare myself. The news cannot scare you. Only you can scare you.

If you think about it, you know that bad, scary news keeps us entranced and sells more advertisements. Good news, not so much.

As of March 9th, the CDC estimated that 20,000 people had died of the flu in the United States this year. 34 million people reported flu-like illnesses, and 350,000 people were hospitalized. This was before the recent outbreak of another virus that looks similar to the flu. Between 9 and 39 people have died from “presumed” cases. There is no need for panic or fear.

Fear Proof Your Self

It’s time to fear-proof your Self. You do this by learning how your human operating system works. There is an experience and then your thought about the experience. You make the experience mean something by thinking about it. It’s like you have an inner narrator calling the play by play moments of your life. Then feelings show up. If you ruminate on your thoughts, they persist and the feeling gets stronger.

The news is a constant stream of intense fear. There is no good news hitting the front pages. I can get sucked into this negative vortex and start thinking fearful thoughts. My level of personal fear and agitation will rise.

Stay Out of Your Head

Or, I can walk outside into this beautiful spring day and feel the sunshine on my face. I can feel the gentle breeze and watch the cardinals playing in my backyard. I can take a deep breath and feel the energy and intelligence that powers my body.

We are creative conscious beings. We can control where we focus and what we put our attention on. I invite you to stay present to your immediate surroundings and connect with your inner wisdom. It is that quiet still whisper that often feels like common sense or a nudge in a certain direction.

Let your feelings be your GPS as you navigate your life. If you are feeling fearful and there is no threat in your immediate environment, then take that as a sign that your thoughts are heading in the wrong directions. Follow positive thoughts as they are your inner wisdom guiding you through life.

You are the Thinker, not Your Thoughts

When you realize that you are not your thoughts, this realization will set you free. You are the thinker. You can choose where to put your attention. Focus on the positive. Relax and let your thinking settle down. Be well because you are well.

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Freedom in a world addicted to fear and compliance. Author, Coach, Freedom Lover. https://capricethorsen.com

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