The chaos that we are witnessing can be explained in one sentence: psychopaths are on the offensive against unaware, altruistic, humans. This is a war for humanity’s soul. While there are psychopaths acting on their own for personal gain, there is also a group of psychopaths acting together to dominate and enslave humanity.

The solution is non-consent. You have been carefully trained by society and its institutions to blindly obey authorities. I spoke about this in my blog, The Battle for Your Perception (and Soul).


Stop being obedient. Stand…

Your Perceptions Determine your Thinking, Feeling, & Actions

We are in the middle of a spiritual battle where evil, pathological people and forces want to control humans by activating the programming that they have already inserted into our minds.

If you control people’s perceptions, you can control their thinking, feeling, and actions. Schooling is not education. It is psychological programming.

Psychological programming (aka schooling) has installed false beliefs into your mind that are now running the show. Instead of operating from the infinite intelligence that you are, your fear-based, egoic intellect is in charge.

2021 is the year that we let go of this fear-based programming and operate…

Happy Winter Solstice!

Here is some food for thought as we wrap up 2020 and celebrate the shortest day of the year. This year, we can look to the southwestern horizon just before sunset to see what looks like a double star, some are calling the “ Christmas Star “. Jupiter and Saturn are closer together than they have been since the Middle Ages in 1226.

I have always loved the winter solstice. I used to attend a church that had a bonfire on the Winter Solstice with a beautiful celebration of light. Many human celebrations and rituals have been…

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Here’s an approach to corporate wellness programs that works. It is based on the understanding that each human is a unique expression of the universe. It starts with seeing that we seem to have two selves: 1) True Self and 2) Fictional Avatar Self.

TRUE SELF: We are all born psychologically free, creative, resilient and happy as the activity of life. Life and wisdom flow through us, guiding us to know what to do in every moment. This True Self is always present and grounded in this eternal now.

FICTIONAL INSECURE AVATAR: Then cultural conditioning puts layer upon layer of…

Now is the time for Cultural Disobedience

Our culture is pathological because it is based on a fundamental lie. The BIG LIE is that you are a separate being that needs to struggle and compete for scarce resources. This LIE of materialism and separation has led to the chaos, turmoil, and conflict that has driven human civilization for the past 5,000 years.

This LIE leads us to work our whole life to prop up a fake separate persona with self-help and psychological techniques. We try to achieve and consume our way to happiness.

Wait a minute you think. I can feel my body. I am the only…

What does it feel like to experience deep rest?

Running on Adrenaline and Fumes

I spent the first 5 decades of my life on full alert. I was always on the go, continually productive, and forced into a mode of high energy. I didn’t know how to relax and recharge my batteries.

Then one evening, I was standing in my kitchen getting ready to cook dinner for my two teenage daughters and myself and I had an earth-shattering realization. I realized that I never allowed myself to completely relax. Perhaps this was why a glass of wine was so tempting when I was cooking dinner. …

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Struggling to decide what to do for your kids’ education next year? Here are 10 reasons to quit factory schooling today. There are lots of well-intentioned, hard working teachers in the school system who are doing their best to educate kids in the factory schooling model. If we can create an alternative to factory schooling, we will give students and teachers a place where true education can flourish. Here are some drawbacks of the design of factory schooling.

1. Focuses on personal weaknesses

Schooling focuses on weaknesses. Since everyone is required to do and know the same things at the same times, if your child…

Creating a Living Education Network

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

To change the trajectory of the human project, we need a new narrative of who we actually are, how learning happens, and what it takes to create a just and free society. To do this, we have to challenge the ideologies built into schooling and technocracy.

I have three intentions for writing this manifesto. The first is to awaken people to how their mind really works so they can live from a place of inner wisdom and innate well-being. The second is to free people from the trance of separation and fear that is created by fear-based programming by schooling…

Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash

Schooling is designed around some pretty big lies: adults have figured everything out, standardized information processing is learning, you have to be good at everything, and it’s okay to psychologically manipulate kids. To transform schooling and transcend any conditioning that you got, we need to replace these falsehoods with an understanding of how the human operating system operates and thrives.

Adults haven’t figured it all out. Far from it.

K-12 schooling pretends that adults have discovered all of life’s answers and just need to work out a few irrelevant details. School tells kids and parents there is a set body of knowledge that needs to be memorized. …

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You may think that you are protecting yourself by feeling fear and worrying about the future. You’re just losing precious moments of your life.

Fear is a gift. It puts you into fight-flight so you can outrun a bear. Other than that, it’s a lie. One of the biggest human fears is of snakes. Most are harmless, some can kill you. Sometimes it’s hard to know if the thing in front of us is a garden snake, a hose, or a poisonous cottonmouth. Especially when it’s dark.

We tend to fear the unknown. We also fear feeling uncomfortable. Most of…

Caprice Thorsen

Freedom in a world addicted to fear and compliance. Author, Coach, Freedom Lover.

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